SEEWELL is committed to earning your trust by providing the expertise, value and responsiveness you expect.

Who We Are

Established in 2010, SEEWELL LIMITED. has been developing specific surface pretreatment & surface protection materials. We look forward to devoting 100% of our effort to researching and developing innovative products with high added- value in the future. Our company began our R&D process as soon as we began our operations. Through countless testing and evaluation, we have developed quality products that are comparable to those from European, American, and Japanese customers.

Our R&D and management team always look for innovative methods and strive for the highest quality to maintain our position and competitiveness in the market, thereby contributing to steady growth of our business and continuous operation of our company. By providing products that have precise specifications, consistent quality, and high degrees of customizability, we’d like to increase our client’s yield rate and his production efficiency to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with our client. 


We are fair and affordable

Customers come back when they are treated right and billed a fair amount for our work. Other places try to overcharge, betting you will never come back.

Good reputation

This is not a large chain shop. We are an independent automotive repair shop and our name is on the building; lackluster workmanship is not an option.

Our experience

Our service professionals with years of experience are highly trained, so they know what they are doing, learning and adapting to changing automotive platforms.